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Suami Betah di Rumah 600



FOTO PAYUDARA JENNIFER LOPEZJennifer Loves sightings chest photo itself began when a TV show that was held on June 19, 2011 in the stadium in Palma, Spain was marked by the action of J-Lo carriage rides. Strong winds continue to brush the dress looks.

At a glance before photo breasts were visible, J-Lo had made complicated by the back of his shirt which continues to unfold because of the wind. When off the train, show host Thomas Gottschalk instantly welcome. Both spoke while the road to the white couch in the middle stage to sit down together.

Thomas also helped J-Lo with a dress at the back. When it comes to sitting, wife of musician Marc Anthony’s bow. Unfortunately collar J-Lo and slit v-shaped low changed position. J-Lo right breast was sticking out, almost looks full.

J-Lo confirmed her clothes and sits directly on the sofa. He did not react too obvious so that the incident may not be witnessed by spectators at the stadium area. Position J-Lo too far from the audience. Similarly told Contactmusic, Monday (20/06/2011).

All events are recorded on video and circulated on the internet instantly crowded. Photos of breast J-Lo was already uploaded on various sites.

Suami Betah di Rumah 600

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